Gheorghe Florin Campan
    • Experience in short, medium, and long-term car rentals
    • Over 15 years of experience in the car import industry
    • In-depth knowledge in the fields of tourism and the automotive sector

Gheorghe Florin Campan is an individual with a strong background in the automotive industry, both in the collection and resale of cars and in expanding business with rental services, highlighting his expertise in the industry and active involvement in business.


Forestry High School in Năsăud
Higher education at the Faculty of Economic Sciences and Business Management in Cluj-Napoca, Marketing section

Professional experience in the automotive field:

Passionate and knowledgeable about the automotive industry since childhood
Various work experiences, including in the field of fiber optic installation and transportation as a driver in a law firm
Business developer in the field of collecting and reselling cars from Europe to Romania
Solid experience in identifying and solving mechanical problems with cars


Successfully manages, along with his wife, a business of collecting and reselling cars, with a focus on importing from Europe and selling in the Romanian market.

Additionally, in the last 3 years:

Established and successfully runs a car rental business, "GCA Rent a Car," offering a diverse fleet of cars for tourist activities.
By expanding the business portfolio with car rental activities, he contributes to the diversification and further growth of the business.